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Discuss and Advocate

We actively listen to understand your values. We advocate for solutions which align with your dental and wellness objectives.

Patient-Centered Care

Our practice philosophy is patient-centered, integrative and collaborative. We work with local medical practitioners to offer complementary therapies and practices.

Commitment to Excellence

We are the Premier Wellness Dentistry Experts! Our dedication to innovative patient-centered biological dentistry and holistic approaches to wellness are delivered with loving care.


We are committed to providing integrative dental medicine which transforms dental appointments into opportunities for enhanced health, self rejuvenation and healing. Our health-centered approach implements natural therapies enlisting your body, mind and spirit. We nurture our patient relationships with trust and confidence creating a strong foundation for your journey to health and wholeness. We are the Premier Wellness Dentistry Experts, dedicated to innovative patient-centered biological dentistry and holistic approaches to wellness.


We embrace a holistic relationship between ecology and economy by taking a sustainable approach to dentistry. Wellspring Dental Health incorporates ecologically sustainable materials and procedures to reduce the impact of dentistry on the environment, as well as promoting the health and safety of our patients.



A dental mercury amalgam filling (silver filling) consists of over 50% mercury, approximately 30% silver, and lesser amounts of copper and tin. The mercury component of the mercury amalgam filling has been scientifically demonstrated to be more toxic than lead, cadmium or arsenic. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man.


We safely remove toxic dental metals (including mercury amalgam, metal crowns and bridges) which may be biologically incompatible. Our dentists employ multiple methods to keep you comfortable and safe from the toxic by-products generated during the metal removal process.


Patient-centered dental care is founded on the individuality of each patient’s values and needs. We recognize not all dental materials and procedures are compatible with every person. Biocompatibility testing of dental materials can be performed to determine which dental materials are safe for you, your immune system, and your overall well-being.


At Wellspring Dental Health, we do not promote the use of fluoride containing dental products or in-office fluoride treatments. Current science illuminates the potential detrimental effects fluoride may have on your body as a whole, which is substantial and warrants concern. Health risks which have been scientifically linked to fluoride toxicity include cognitive defects, lower IQ, neurotoxic effects including ADHD, osteoarthritis, osteosarcoma, skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, and thyroid dysfunction. 

At Wellspring Dental Health, we believe proper nutrition is the foundation for all health, including dental and oral health. In addition, dental hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing, and oral irrigation are also necessary. Above and beyond that, there are dental products that can assist in cavity prevention and gum health. Our office advocates for oral health products which are natural alternatives to conventional fluoride containing products. We also provide great recipes for organic, all-natural, eco-friendly toothpastes and mouth rinses which you can make at home. Ask us about your options for natural fluoride-free dental products, we would love to discuss which one might be right for you! For more information on the science of fluoride toxicity:


Dental fear and anxiety is real and it prevents thousands of people from seeking dental care every year. We understand the stress which can accompany a visit to the dental office and provide natural alternatives to sedation dentistry. Our team will do everything possible to create a positive, comfortable dental experience for you. We offer many relaxation services to help you feel totally at ease: soft blankets, memory foam pillows, noise cancelling headphones, intentional clinic design (feng shui), moisturizing non-petroleum based lip balm, gentle mouth props to relieve jaw stress, calming flower essences, soothing essential oils, selenite wands, weighted blankets, post-treatment homeopathic remedies, medical grade oxygen, and nitrous oxide. It is our number one priority to help you feel safe, comfortable, and loved while in our care.