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What a year 2021 has been so far! As I sit and reflect on my experiences this year, I see two threads woven into the entire tapestry- ADAPTABILITY and RESILIENCE. Life is in an intense phase of restructuring which is calling on the fortitude and presence of us all. It is so bittersweet, the letting go. So difficult, the trusting in an unknown future. So easy to be pulled out of our centeredness. This is the edge, my friends. This is definitely outside the comfort zone. But it is HERE where we are given the gift of choice and it is HERE where grace can be found in our growth and evolution. In our “Collective Becoming,” adaptability and resilience are effective tools in assisting us in flowing around the perceived obstacles into the miracles that await us. And in my book, that is MAGIC!
I wish you all a very healthy and joyful holiday season! May the gifts of adaptability and resilience find their way to you. Lots of love, Dr. K