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Dr. Davidson has a robust health and wellness career which includes Nursing, Holistic Dentistry, Pediatric Dental Airway, Orthodontics, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Treatment, Sleep Apnea Therapy, and more! Outside of dentistry, you will find Dr. Davidson spending time with her husband,

Slowly but surely the manufactures are exiting the amalgam business. The less that is out there the less will be placed. Let's hope the momentum keeps going! See the link for more details. https://mercuryfreedentistry.net/2022/03/17/another-major-manufacturer-exits-the-amalgam-business/?fbclid=IwAR3x9YGainYl7irUoRTaSLe6nC2s0_HDzdJ0s6ZaFzMNm_mbT3TQVMmhR6Y

CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY Calcium bentonite clay is a safe to use re-mineralizing agent. The clay contributes to a more alkaline pH in the mouth and releases calcium when mixed with salvia. These properties help to repair damaged enamel and prevent dental cavities Suggested use: Apply