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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Can Restore Your Chewing and Smile

If you are missing one tooth or several, dental implants can help restore your mouth to its fullest. Dental implants also allow for fixation of partial or complete dentures, so you can enjoy the foods you used to. They can be used to fill in gaps between teeth, without compromising adjacent teeth. Dental Implants have become the method of choice for people who want custom-fitted, completely natural looking replacement teeth.

The Ways Implant(s) Can Restore Your Dental Health


Replacement of a single tooth begins with thoughtful planning and a discussion with you. Our guided placement of your bone anchor (dental implant) and custom tissue contouring connector help to ensure the highest level of outcome. After a couple months of allowing the implant to integrate with you, we craft a custom implant crown for you.


Two or three Implants can replace several teeth, with a ceramic dental bridge that spans the space in between. Implant bridges can be accomplished with either all ceramic or pure titanium implants.

Replacement of All Teeth

Removable or fixed dental arches in acrylic or ceramic can be used to restore form, function and cosmetics when the majority or all teeth have been lost.

Dental Implants Material Choices Offered at Our Office

High-Performance All-Ceramic Zirconia (Y-TZP) Dental Implants

“More biocompatibility, when metal allergies or autoimmune disease are a consideration.”

Ceramic implants are also often called “zirconia implants”, because they are made from an inert, non-charged form of of the metal zirconium, paired with oxygen. In this ceramic form, zirconia is extremely biocompatible, has greater tensile strength than titanium, and has been used in other medical and dental applications robustly for decades. Since zirconia is nonmetallic, it does not conduct electricity, or have the potential to interfere with the body’s own energy systems. For this reason, many eastern medicine practitioners consider ceramic implants non-disruptive to the body’s meridians.

Cold-Worked Pure
Titanium Implants

“Creates a superior internal connection when immediacy, or clenching and grinding are a major consideration.”

Pure titanium implants are materially the most biocompatible metal implant on the market. Non-alloyed titanium resists the conduction and propagation of electricity better than almost all other pure metals or alloys. The particular benefit of our pure titanium system (Neodent), is that the connection between the dental implant (bone anchor) and crown linker (implant abutment) forms a cold weld. This connection allows bone to grow over the implant and make it much more resistant to failure during intense clenching or grinding.