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TKDDS Holistic Hygiene Team

  /  TKDDS Holistic Hygiene Team

The TKDDS Holistic Hygiene Team is in a class all by itself. We are not your average “one size fits all” office for regular Hygiene visits and here is why! 

Individualized Patient Care

We take patient care and health to another level by meeting you exactly where you are on your personal health journey and serving as advocates for your well-being. We provide customized homecare programs aligned with your specific values and needs.

Personalized Patient Care

The TKDDS Team cares about YOU! We take time to develop trust and relationship. We listen and help you make decisions regarding your health and wellness that are in alignment with YOUR values. YOU are important to us and we think of each of our patients individually as family and collectively as a community.

Holistic Knowledge

Together our team has many decades of experience in holistic knowledge and wellness care. We serve our amazing community of patients by sharing resources and information on natural options to conventional dental treatment and products.


Dr. Kaur built our office with a strong commitment to be ecologically conscious: recycled flooring, reclaimed wood, no VOC paint and adhesives, DIRTT wall partitions, plants for natural detoxification of the air, natural light from windows, on-site filtered water, energy star computers and office equipment, electronic patient records, digital radiographs, LED lighting, limited disposables, mercury vapor vacuum, non-toxic sterilization solutions, and many other amazing earth friendly items and procedures. The TKDDS Team makes daily choices to conserve energy, conserve water, reduce waste, and limit our carbon footprint.

Anxiety options

Our clinic has been designed intentionally utilizing Feng Shui and Vastu principles to create a welcoming and calming effect as soon as you walk through our front door. We also offer complementary natural options to help reduce dental anxiety including celenite wands, weighted blankets, Rescue Remedy flower essence, soft pillows and blankets. If desired, we also provide the option of nitrous oxide.

Dental Exam by Dr. Kaur or Dr. Petersen

Dr. Kaur and Dr. Petersen are experts in patient centered care encompassing the whole body and not just the mouth. They focus on promoting a holistic approach to wellness and empowering the patient to make decisions on their health.

Oral Cancer Screening

132 people are diagnosed with oral cancer each day in the USA. A regular oral cancer screening is an important part of the dental examination and an important routine procedure which can detect oral cancer in its early stages which can reduce the severity of treatment and increase life span.

Blood Pressure Screening

Each appointment in our office begins with a blood pressure screening. Blood pressure is a major indicator in overall health. Hypertension (high blood pressure) can go undetected for long periods of time without presenting any overt symptoms. However, the chronic inflammation associated with high blood pressure silently creates damage to organ systems, cardiovascular health and whole-body wellness. Becoming aware of changes in your blood pressure early can prevent future major health challenges and chronic illness.

Medication and Supplement Review

Pharmaceutical medications and nutritional supplements can manifest side-effects in the mouth, as well as the entire body. We go through all medication and supplement at each visit, review possible side effects, and offer an extensive resource list of integrative wellness practitioners to help guide our patients towards improved wellness and reduced oral side-effects.

Individualized X-ray recalls

We take radiation very seriously and only take dental x-rays when they are necessary for diagnosing. In our office, your interval between x-rays is customized based upon your individual needs. After receiving dental x-rays, we offer natural options to help mitigate radiation exposure such as flower essences, homeopathic remedies, and nutritional supplements.

Periodontal Assessment

A periodontal assessment is an important part of your holistic hygiene visit. We evaluate the health of your gum tissues and the bone which supports the teeth. An individualized home care routine is then created specifically for YOU to assist in the maintenance of healthy teeth, gums and oral wellness.

Non-Surgical Approaches to Periodontal Disease

We utilize Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy in conjunction with natural antimicrobial agents (clove, myrrh, tea tree, iodine, calendula, echinacea, plantain, neem, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc.) to address the microbial component to periodontal disease. And we don’t stop there. We understand the whole body connection with Periodontal Disease and have a large network of integrative health care practitioners whom we work closely with to ensure we are getting to the cause of the imbalance and creating an integrative path back to stability and health.

Oral Detoxification with Ozonated Water

At TKDDS, we disinfect our water lines in the most health conscious and ecofriendly way- with ozone! Pure distilled water, which is made in our office, is sterilized with low levels of ozone gas. Any organic debris in the dental water lines is broken down into its basic elements, mainly hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Ultimately, the water which our patients receive during dental treatment is disinfected and very pure distilled water.

Peizo-electric Ultrasonic Cleaners

Our ultrasonic cleaner aids in more efficient and less traumatic bacteria removal. It also makes quick business of removing hard deposits (tartar) and stain. An additional benefit is a tissue lavage with iodine water or Periobrite mouth rinse to detoxify the mouth and aid in tissue healing.

PerioBrite Mouth Rinse

PerioBrite mouth rinse contains all-natural ingredients (essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins). It is naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and aids in the healing and repair of gum tissues. PerioBrite mouth rinse is free of alcohol, gluten, fluoride, soy, SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.

Natural and Sustainable Products

All products we use in our office are fluoride free and naturally derived.

For your dental cleaning, we use Pumice Preppies
– a tooth polishing paste made from crushed lava rock. It is loaded with amazing minerals that help remove surface stain and mineralize the tooth structure.

Complimentary Preserve toothbrushes

– fabricated from recycled materials. If you bring your environmentally friendly Preserve toothbrush back to us at your next dental cleaning appointment, we recycle it again! This is yet another way we reduce our carbon foot print.

Radius Floss Sachets

– this dental floss is 100% biodegradable. There are no glutens, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, unnatural coloring, phthalates, parabens, or any other harmful additives. The two flavors are cranberry, which is known for its antibacterial properties, and natural mint tea tree, a known antiseptic. Additionally, there is a hint of birch bark xylitol, which is proven to reduce acidity and prevent bacteria in the mouth.

We are so grateful to YOU for trusting us with your oral health care and look forward to seeing your SMILE soon!