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Holistic Wellness Dentistry

  /  Holistic Wellness Dentistry

Mission Statement:  We are the Premier Dental Wellness Experts! We provide innovative patient-centered biological dentistry and holistic approaches to health delivered with loving care.  

Oral health is not limited to your mouth. We see you as a whole person enlisting your body, mind, and spirit in the care and maintenance of your mouth. At Wellspring Dental Health, we use natural therapies where possible and develop individualized dental procedures and protocols for each of our patients. We provide exceptional dental wellness care by offering precision dental treatments, customized home-care programs, and innovative perspectives which assist you in upgrading your overall health and well-being.

Wellspring Dental Health cares about YOU! We take time to develop trust and relationship. We listen and help you make decisions regarding your health and wellness that are in alignment with YOUR values. YOU are important to us and we think of each of our patients individually as family and collectively as a community.

We provide Holistic Wellness Dental Care to transform your dental experiences into opportunities for enhanced health, self rejuvenation, and healing. When your mouth is healthy, YOU are healthy.