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Message from Dr. Kaur

  /  Message from Dr. Kaur

Greetings and love I send to you.

These times we currently find ourselves swirling around in are truly extraordinary.  And while I find it difficult to put words around any of it, I thought I might try, for perhaps in my experience there is a soft place for you to land or a strand of love that keeps us connected.  So here it goes….

I currently find myself accepting Life’s challenge to examine and look upon what I am clinging to, what I feel I need to possess that is so valuable it needs to be protected by a fortress.  Is it my bank account?  Is it my house?  Is it my health?  Is my dental practice? Or, is it something else like my vulnerability in expressing my love to another or being accepted by another?  In clinging to these things, in building fortresses around what is “mine,” I recognize I am missing the target Life has set before me.  It is not the THINGS that are the target- it is my innermost being that is the target.  It is not my beautiful house or dental practice that is the target, it is a beautiful me that is the target.  It is not about how much money I have, it is about the rich me, the me that is open and available to the millions of possibilities.  And as I begin to loosen my grip, I feel the freedom and expansiveness that pours in reminding me that it is in letting go where the true treasure is found.

There is an inexhaustible source of everything that is truly needed within me.  It is like a personal individual sun giving life and nourishment, protection and guidance, inspiration and love.  What I am now more deeply understanding through my lived experience, is the key which unlocks the door to Life’s abundance is not found by thinking and planning and clinging.  It is found by getting grounded, centered, and silent enough to be in direct contact with the unlimited source within which is ready to bless me with everything I need. It welcomes me home where I can relax and trust in the cycles of life and death.  In this grounded place, I can choose to trust Life by surrendering to the miracle of what is unfolding, to be present to what is revealing itself to be seen without filter, and to step forward into a whole new way of being. In doing so, I create a path for others should they choose to join me.

So today, I choose to live in abundance, at the maximum, over-flowing with love and gratitude for everything, even the extremely challenging parts.  The spring is here, life is showing itself all around us in the tree buds, the bird song, the open water- LIFE IS HERE in every moment.  We have each other to love and support and our inner sun to guide us.  Together, we are creating a new beautiful world as the old falls away.  These two experiences are not mutually exclusive, each holds the other.  My invitation is to let go and to rest in the freedom that will find you in this surrender.  I am sending each of you SO MUCH LOVE, my heart bursts and tears fill my eyes.   -Tara