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Root Canals

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Why has a dentist recommended a Root Canal for my tooth?

When a tooth dies, it becomes infected with bacteria. This can happen due to a cavity, a crack in the tooth or root of the tooth , current or previous trauma to the tooth, previous dental treatment, or for no apparent reason at all. If a dead tooth is left untreated, infection, pain, swelling, bone loss, and in extreme cases serious health challenges can occur.  A dead tooth can present with a variety of different symptoms ranging from “asymptomatic” with no pain or symptoms to extremely painful, or the infection can drain creating an abscess or pimple on the gum.  In all of these presentations, bone loss, systemic circulation of bacterial toxins and up-regulation of the immune system occurs.  Currently, there are two treatment options for a dead or dying tooth:

Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

– Involves removing the nerve, blood vessels, and lymph tissue from within the tooth and then sealing the empty chamber

– The integrity of the tooth structure is usually compromised therefore, a crown is typically placed over the remaining tooth structure

– Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is recognized by the American Dental Association to be the conventional standard of care for a dead or dying tooth.

– It is estimated that 14 million root canals are performed every year by general dentists and Endodontic Specialists

Tooth Extraction:

– The infected tooth s removed

– Dr. Kaur also recommends having the periodontal ligament removed and treatment with ozone after the tooth is removed

– Once the extraction site is healed, tooth replacement (removable partial denture, bridge, dental implant) can begin

A holistic approach to dentistry avoids root canals whenever possible. Although a healthy diet, wellness lifestyle, and strong immune system may allow you to tolerate a root canal tooth, this tooth represents a possible stress on the immune system which can manifest in many unhealthy ways throughout the body. If a root canal is the only treatment available to save a tooth, Dr. Kaur will provide education in relation to what a root canal is, the possible consequences of living with a root canal tooth, and alternatives to root canal.