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  1. Take 3 normal sized breaths, inhaling and exhaling naturally.
  2. After the third exhale, hold your breath.
  3. Hold it long enough to feel oxygen deprived, so that you “hunger for air”.
  4. Keeping your mouth closed, allow yourself to inhale. Make sure you only breathe in air through your nose.
  5. It may be difficult or sound gross if your nose is congested, but keep breathing through your nose until your breathing becomes normal.
  6. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times as needed to clear the nasal passages.
  •  If only 1 nostril is blocked, keep the clear side covered with your finger and force yourself to breathe through the blocked nostril only.
  •  Do not talk, laugh or breathe through your mouth once you start the exercise – this will cause the exercise to take longer or not be as effective.
  • If your nose is so blocked that no air can get through in the beginning, first try loosening up the congestion by using a neti pot or small amount of nasal spray. Try nodding your head up and down during the exercise to help break up the congestion as well.