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Tooth Whitening Instructions

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Tooth Whitening Instructions

– Place a small dot of tooth whitening solution onto the front surface of each tooth of your tooth whitening tray

– Place tooth whitening tray into your mouth, pressing lightly on the front of the tooth surfaces

– Wipe off any excess solution from the tray and/or your gum tissue

– Leave tooth whitening trays in place for 30 minutes to 2 hours

– Do not eat or drink while the tooth whitening trays are in your mouth.

– After tooth whitening treatment is completed,
• Rinse and lightly brush your whitening trays (no toothpaste)
• Rinse and lightly brush your teeth (no toothpaste)
• Store tooth whitening trays in case provided

– No dark liquids for 2 hours after tooth whitening (coffee, tea, soda, red wine).

– If you experience tooth sensitivity, perform tooth whitening treatment every other day or 2x/week

To help prevent tooth sensitivity, avoid:

– Whitening toothpaste

– Tartar removal toothpaste

– Acidic fruits/juices

– Tooth whitening treatment duration for more than 14 days

To help prevent tooth sensitivity, use:

– Mineral based toothpaste

– Re-mineralizing mouth rinses

– MI Paste

If you are experiencing pain, swelling or something that does not feel “right,” please contact our office immediately (952)956-6700.